Deb Defer, Managing Director, Business Services and Outsourcing At BDO USA LLP, was named Insightful Accountant’s 2022 Top QBO App-Ologist ProAdvisor during “2022 Scaling New Heights” in Orlando, Florida.

Prior to joining SS&G, Deb worked as a CFO for Aviation Insurance Managers, where she was a senior director. Her responsibilities included leading the technology team within the business services and outsourcing line of the company (BDO purchased SS&G in 2015). She had a concentration in QuickBooks Online and third-party application platforms. 

In 2015, Deb was named the Managing Director, Business Services & Outsourcing, where she continues to lead the technology team to onboard the right tech for BDO and its clients. She is Advanced Online QuickBooks Certified, Live Plan Certified Advisor, Bill.com Expert Certified, Xero Certified Partner, Advanced Certified QuickBooks and Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor. 

Deb (center left) was presented the “Top QBO App-Ologist ProAdvisor”  award by Gary DeHart, Publisher of Insightful Accountant (left), Heather Sperduto, VP Sales Operations – Accountant Channel-with ADP (center right) and Bob Allard, Partner and CRO of Insightful Accountant (right).

How is the winner selected?

The recipient of the QBO App-Ologist ProAdvisor Categorical Award was determined using the various scoring criteria relative to the category from verifiable information submitted within the individual’s application from which their categorical point total and relative ranking was established. 

Based upon their training, certifications, years of experience, client reviews, and peer evaluation as evidenced by the contributory vote totals, the QBO App-Ologist Award Recipient demonstrated the skills, knowledge, abilities and expertise associated with mastery of integration of third-party apps and QuickBooks Online. Accordingly, they represent the highest ranked applicant based upon the standard established by Insightful Accountant for the QBO App-Ologist category.

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