Editor’s Note: For an introduction to this series, read my history about business analytics, as well as how far things have come from manual computations that took hours to perform to apps that compute, forecast and “what-if” project for you in seconds.

Clockwork is AI-powered financial modeling that makes financial metrics, cash-flow projection, forecasting, what-if scenarios and dashboards easy.

Clockwork provides AI-powered financial metrics and cash-flow forecasts at a glance, automatically from your source data.

High level dashboards show you how your business is doing in real-time, while easy to understand, and detailed graphs and charts break down the specifics of the numbers you need on both a current and future predictive basis.

Clockwork learns the unique cash timing associated with your business in order to give your real-time weekly and monthly cash-flow forecasts, up to 52-weeks out with unmatched accuracy. You can instantly see how your upcoming cash forecast will impact your business so you can adjust ahead of the game.

Because you can adjust for conditions like an overdue invoice or bill, you can determine if you need to cut costs, obtain short-term financing or determine your best options relative to your upcoming cash position. 

Clockwork gives you the time to make critical adjustments in your business, which is what financial modeling and cash-flow forecasting are all about.

Clockwork has developed an intelligence-based performance measure it calls its Clockwork Score. It also computes in real time to give your business a grade based on your financial health and performance. 

Not only does this score feature show you your historical, actual and forecasted financial position, but it also provides alters for red flats like upcoming cash shortfalls.

It enables you to drill down into the various performance measures to see what’s going on, where you need improvement and where you are holding your own.

There is an old saying that goes, “to each, his own.” That’s true in business, too. For a “trusted advisor,” it means you better know and understand the specific metric that is most important to each of your clients. 

Clockwork makes that not only possible, but it also makes it easy. With Clockwork, your most important metric can be available to you in real time, anytime. You can analyze custom metrics going back three years to find the answers to the questions you know your clients are going to ask.

Maybe you need to know your margins or your liquidity ratios. That doesn’t matter. Clockwork easily computes and displays them in a custom dashboard for you. Then you can invite an unlimited number of users to view the results.

Clockwork makes it easy to model all your financial and non-financial variables so you can create custom “what if” scenarios. Build custom formulas in minutes instead of days to see all your revenue and expense assumptions.

Adjust and customize your financial presentations and models. Clockwork lets you group your accounts together however you want, as often as you want, so you can slice and dice your revenues, COGS and expenses exactly as you need them for any presentation.  

And Clockwork is practically run by itself. Once connected to QuickBooks or Xero, Clockwork goes on autopilot. In fact, it automatically builds your account without any manual mapping or other required adjustments, using all your invoices, bills and everything in your accounting-data needed for financial modeling purposes.

As part of the historical analysis, Clockwork automatically reviews and displays three years of transactional data.

Clockwork gives you an easy way to plan, manage and predict your business finances and cash-flow whether you are a trusted advisor providing services to your clients as a Clockwork Champion or business owner.

For more information about how you can forecast financial futures, reach out to the Clockwork website or consider giving it a free trial.

You likely will find it is time well spent.

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