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ClockShark is a mobile time tracking and scheduling solution built for construction and field service companies that integrates with QuickBooks® Online (QBO) and some desktop versions of QuickBooks, such as Pro, Contractor Edition and Enterprise Edition. This article will focus on the QBO integration.

Integrating ClockShark with QBO allows companies to seamlessly transfer their time records into their accounting software, which simplifies both payroll and invoicing, all while avoiding data entry errors inherent in manual time entry.

ClockShark has a free mobile app that employees can download to their smartphones, allowing them to clock in/out from any job site. To clock in, employees need to select what Job and Task they will be working on, then switch Jobs and Tasks throughout the day to keep accurate records of what they did. ClockShark also obtains a GPS location every time an employee clocks in/out, and regularly updates that location while the employee is clocked in.

The time punches completed on the phones automatically sync with the ClockShark web dashboard, where administrators view all the details of each time punch, making updates, if needed. Equipped with powerful features that are easy to use, ClockShark is perfect for busy mobile workers who move from job to job.

The ClockShark integration with QuickBooks is a powerful two-way integration, allowing data in either system to be available in the other without anyone having to re-enter it. This means any Employees, Clients and Service Items created in QuickBooks are available in ClockShark, so your crew can start tracking time against them right way. If a Job or Task is added in ClockShark, it can respectively be pushed to QuickBooks as a Client or Service Item, carrying with it any associated time records.

ClockShark’s Jobs map to Clients in QuickBooks, and Tasks map to Service Items. Employees map to Employees, of course, and ClockShark’s time records go into the employee’s Weekly Timesheet to be accessible for payroll and invoicing.

All of the mappings can be configured from inside the ClockShark web dashboard, so if you ever want to change something, it’s only a few clicks away. QuickBooks Online and ClockShark will automatically sync Employees, Jobs and Tasks once an hour, but if you need something to sync immediately, you may map it manually to make it available right away. Getting time records from ClockShark to QuickBooks couldn’t be easier. It only takes the press of one button – a button aptly named “Export to QuickBooks.” After all, ClockShark is notoriously easy.

Not only does ClockShark provide employees with an exceedingly efficient way to record their time, but it also saves company administrators time. No more hunting down missing timesheets, deciphering scribbled timecards or fixing incorrectly written job codes. In fact, companies that use ClockShark consistently report a 50 percent reduction in the time it takes to run payroll.

Since ClockShark records the employee’s GPS location and exact time at Clock In/Out, companies are able to ensure that no time rounding occurs, and that employees are only clocking in/out at the job site. According to the American Payroll Association, this, alone, is estimated to save between 2 to 8 percent of total payroll costs.

All the members of ClockShark’s five-star rated support team are QuickBooks Certified Proadvisors® and are happy to help set up any QuickBooks integration. In addition to offering a free 14-day trial for new companies, ClockShark also has a comprehensive Accountant and Bookkeeper referral program. You can learn more here!