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Tips and Tricks of QB Online

Join Donna Miller and Terri Goldman of C3Workplace as they share their favorite tips and tricks of QuickBooks Online!

Property Management with QuickBooks Online

Property management with QuickBooks Online can be tricky. You have to think differently.

When the property is yours, it’s more straight-forward. You collect rent, you have rental income. Pay for repairs, it’s repairs and maintenance expense.

When the property is someone else’s. Now you’re handling money for someone else. This means the trust accounting rules apply.

Navigating and Adjusting Settings in QBO

In this QuickBooks instructional video, you will see how all the commands and functions are ordered and organized in the QuickBooks online display. We will navigate through all of them together step by step. You will learn how to set up your QBO account by adjusting the settings. This is similar to the preferences window in QuickBooks desktop….



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