How to Create a Customer Invoice

In this QuickBooks Online tutorial you’ll learn how to record a customer invoice along with:
– Understand what information I should record on an invoice
– Send an invoice and see what my customer will receive and view
– See where and how invoices impact reports

How to Do Progress Invoicing in Quickbooks Online

This Quickbooks Online Tutorial details how to do progress invoicing in Quickbooks Online. This is a relatively new feature in Quickbooks Online and is fairly simple to do…as long as you follow the right steps.

In this video, learn in detail how to progress invoice from start to finish – how to turn on this feature, how to create an estimate, and your options in progress invoicing the estimate.

What’s New in QBO: July 2018

New! “Failed e-invoice” notifications keep payments from falling through the cracks 
New and improved! Redesigned invoicing in QuickBooks Self-Employed lets you bill your way 
Let users access everything but Payroll
Improved! Faster invoice actions
New! Create reports for bill and invoice payments

QuickBooks Online Progress Invoicing

QuickBooks Online is introducing Progress Invoicing which is still in “beta test” mode as of writing this blog article in February 2018. That means there could still be significant changes until they wrap up the beta test. Progress Invoicing feature allows you to invoicing a client incrementally for the percentage (or fixed dollar amount) that has been completed of the work due or agreed upon the contract. This could be considered a type of partial invoicing or a type of installment invoicing to your clients.



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