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How to Manage All Your Clients in QBOA With This New Feature

QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) now allows accounting professionals to manage all your clients in QBOA — even those that don’t use QuickBooks within the product. This feature has been available for QuickBooks Online clients — the new feature is that it is now available to non-QuickBooks clients.....[favorite_button][rating-system-posts]

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Progress Invoicing is Live

QBO Progress Invoicing has several options which allow for invoicing a percentage, custom or remaining open balance. Since there are multiple options you might want to use my articles as a reference guide when you area explore Progress Invoicing....[favorite_button][rating-system-posts]

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Intro to QuickBooks Apps: Track Expenses & Digitize Paying Bills

When you work for yourself, time is money – and nothing takes up quite as much of that precious resource as your two stacks of receipts and bills, both of which never seem to stop growing. Manually entering receipt data, mileage, credit card statements and paying bills with checks drives productivity down and increases the chance of mistakes.It’s a good thing there are multiple apps that solve this very problem, all of which integrate with QuickBooks® Online. [favorite_button][rating-system-posts]

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Where is the Menu to Enter a Check?

To write a check in QuickBooks Online Plus, click the Plus icon and select “Check” under the “Vendors” heading. This will open a “Check #To Print” window that will allow you to enter the information needed for the check.

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