QuickBooks Online: The Overview Tab

Have you checked out the “Overview Tab” in QuickBooks Online? This QBO for Accountants tool allows bookkeepers to assess the health of a QuickBooks Online file. Does their accounting file need troubleshooting and a cleanup?

What is QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping? May 2019

What is the new QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping Service? What services does it include? How much does it cost? What are the bookkeeper’s qualifications? How can bookkeeper’s benefit from Live Bookkeeping?

Intuit Price increase

In this video, I discuss the recent price increase from Intuit and how we can work to soften the blow when passing the price increase onto the client.

Branding and Social Media with Michelle Long — Mar 7, 2019

Learn about the basics of branding and having consistency between your website and online social media profiles. We critique Dan DeLong’s sites and provide tips & pointers for improvement. Plus, we discussed social media tools to help post to multiple social media platforms at once and how to schedule the posts to save time.


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