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QuickBooks Online new features and improvements—July 2019

July’s no time for breaking a sweat at work. After all, the scorching temps and thousand-percent humidity have already drenched enough of your button-ups.

While we can’t do anything about the weather (according to legal anyway), we can help reduce your workflow to keep you feeling fresh during summer’s doggiest days.

This month’s QuickBooks® Online updates include automated and streamlined features that help you boost productivity by working smarter, not longer.

What’s new in QuickBooks Online: June 2019

Our latest QuickBooks® Online updates are here to keep your business transforming and improving, too. This month brings new features to simplify your workflow and make tax time more rewarding.

Upgrade your PayPal connection with Connect to PayPal

With the Connect to PayPal app, you have the best of both worlds with automation and control of your PayPal transactions. Via a direct connection with PayPal, your transactions will appear on your banking screen, allowing you to handle them just like a bank connection.

QB Talks: QBO Quarterly Update February 2019

Newly added, updated or enhanced features or functionality made to QuickBooks Online during the past Quarter.
Newly added, updated or enhanced features or functionality made to QuickBooks Online-Accountant during the past Quarter.

What’s New in QBO: July 2018

New! “Failed e-invoice” notifications keep payments from falling through the cracks 
New and improved! Redesigned invoicing in QuickBooks Self-Employed lets you bill your way 
Let users access everything but Payroll
Improved! Faster invoice actions
New! Create reports for bill and invoice payments

How to Manage All Your Clients in QBOA With This New Feature

QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) now allows accounting professionals to manage all your clients in QBOA — even those that don’t use QuickBooks within the product. This feature has been available for QuickBooks Online clients — the new feature is that it is now available to non-QuickBooks clients…..


What’s New in QBO: June 2018

New! On future loans through QuickBooks Capital, you’ll be able to group your principal and interest payments into separate accounts. That way, you can write off the interest at tax time and keep the principle from being taxed as income….


ClockShark’s Integration With QuickBooks Online

ClockShark is a mobile time tracking and scheduling solution built for construction and field service companies that integrates with QuickBooks® Online (QBO) .Integrating ClockShark with QBO allows companies to seamlessly transfer their time records into their accounting software, which simplifies both payroll and invoicing, all while avoiding data entry errors inherent in manual time entry…..


Contractor Direct Deposit For QBO Payroll

Intuit® currently helps more than 1.3 million businesses process payroll and file taxes annually, so what could Intuit add to its payroll platforms that would make everyone take notice? How about Direct Deposit for independent contractors? This has been a high priority feature and now QuickBooks® Payroll (QBO Payroll) is bringing it to you!……….


What’s New in QBO: May 2018

Oh yeah: We also have a fresh batch of QuickBooks® Online updates and improvements to add to your May jubilation. There’s a ton of goodies this month, so let’s get right to it!……..


QuickBooks Online March 2018 Updates

Assign preferred Vendor/Supplier to the Products and Services List. Assign default Class codes to the Products and Services List. Quantity on Purchase Order (PO) column added to the Products and Services Page…..