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What’s new in QuickBooks Online: August 2021 – QuickBooks

It’s been inspiring to see stellar athletes live up to the ideals of Faster, Higher, Stronger. We understand how ambition propels success; fine-tuning our products is part of our effort to help you get there. 

Smart Insights  in performance center for QuickBooks Online Advanced 

In a nutshell: Starting now, you can spot key insights without having to crunch the numbers. Located in the QuickBooks® Online Advanced performance center, the new Smart Insights section analyzes KPI trends and highlights what’s driving them in a prominent place on your dashboard. You can also get alerts on critical KPIs, including revenue, gross profit, and expenses. 

Introducing Projects in QuickBooks Online

Learn how to set up Projects in QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Projects intuitively tracks income, expenses and labor costs. Get a clear picture of your projects and project profitability all in one place.

QuickBooks Online Cash Flow Planner Is On The Way

Cash-flow is the life blood of every business, especially small and start-up businesses. Managing their cash-flow properly can make the difference between success and failure, especially in those early years.

What is New in QuickBooks Online? (November 2019 #QBConnect Edition)

In this episode, talked about:
– Google Sheets Integration (QBO Advanced)
– Workflow Automation (QBO Advanced)
– Batch Enter Invoices, Expenses, and Checks (QBO Advanced)
– Business Performance Dashboard (QuickBooks Online Accountant)
– Preview of new features coming in next couple of months announced at QuickBooks Connect conference in San Jose, CA Nov. 2019

QuickBooks Online new features and improvements—July 2019

July’s no time for breaking a sweat at work. After all, the scorching temps and thousand-percent humidity have already drenched enough of your button-ups.

While we can’t do anything about the weather (according to legal anyway), we can help reduce your workflow to keep you feeling fresh during summer’s doggiest days.

This month’s QuickBooks® Online updates include automated and streamlined features that help you boost productivity by working smarter, not longer.

QB Talks: QBO Quarterly Update February 2019

Newly added, updated or enhanced features or functionality made to QuickBooks Online during the past Quarter.
Newly added, updated or enhanced features or functionality made to QuickBooks Online-Accountant during the past Quarter.

How to Manage All Your Clients in QBOA With This New Feature

QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) now allows accounting professionals to manage all your clients in QBOA — even those that don’t use QuickBooks within the product. This feature has been available for QuickBooks Online clients — the new feature is that it is now available to non-QuickBooks clients…..


QuickBooks Online March 2018 Updates

Assign preferred Vendor/Supplier to the Products and Services List. Assign default Class codes to the Products and Services List. Quantity on Purchase Order (PO) column added to the Products and Services Page…..



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