Getting new customers and engaging existing ones is crucial in growing any small business. With many business owners using multiple, unintegrated financial and marketing tools, these efforts can be especially time consuming. 

To solve this problem, Intuit® QuickBooks® is excited to announce that it has acquired Mailchimp, a world-class, all-in-one marketing platform. By integrating Mailchimp with QuickBooks Online, small business owners will be able to more efficiently leverage their sales data to reach new and potential customers with effective email campaigns, from anywhere, on any device.

MC Integration Customer Screen

QuickBooks’ integration with Mailchimp, which is currently in beta, provides a single source of customer sales data on one platform without the need for additional applications. Businesses are able to create more effective marketing campaigns and customer targeting at the right place and time. Campaigns also can be automated based on customer purchase data or spend activity. 

Some of the great features of this new integration will include: 

  • Data import from QuickBooks into Mailchimp. QuickBooks’ customer data is seamlessly imported into Mailchimp, eliminating the burden of manual entry. 
  • Customer profiles. View timeline activities such as campaign engagement, transaction history, and total revenue to build customer profiles. 
  • Retargeting existing customers. Use purchase data or spend activity to organize contacts. Enable tags, segmentation tools, and automations to make less work for yourself, while you target your marketing more effectively.
  • Faster payments. Customers can instantly pay invoices online with a pay now button. 

“The integration of Mailchimp into the QuickBooks platform is helping small- and mid-market businesses power their success, with QuickBooks customers importing more than 400,000 contacts into their Mailchimp accounts since July 2021 to use for customer segmentation and marketing,” said Jeremy Sulzmann, vice president, Developers and Partners, Intuit QuickBooks. “In the coming months, a deeper integration will enable the syncing of customer purchase data between QuickBooks and Mailchimp, tailoring recommendations to help small businesses further optimize their marketing efforts.”

Small business owners are always looking for ways to connect with the right customers at the right time. QuickBooks with Mailchimp helps them grow their businesses faster with less effort. Learn more about this new capability here.

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