You probably put a lot of work into building your practice’s online presence, and for that I give you all the kudos you deserve. However, I must also caution you against resting too long on your laurels. Your digital presence isn’t something you create once and then you’re done. It’s something that requires revisiting and refreshing periodically, perhaps every six months to a year.

Is your online presence getting stale? When was the last time you looked at your own website, visited your Facebook page, or googled your practice? It may be time to breathe new life into your digital channels.

As a practitioner you often get bogged down working in your practice and don’t get the opportunity to step back and view your online presence from a prospective client’s viewpoint.

Here are several actions you can take today to start turning that around.

Get Consistent in Your Branding

Take a look at all of your digital channels. They should have a similar “look and feel.” You should be able to tell at a glance that the page you’re looking at belongs to your practice. For example, if you use a logo in your practice, make sure you’re displaying the same logo on every channel.

Choose a color scheme to represent your practice and stick with it. Some channels allow you to create some kind of rectangular header image at the top of your page (such as on Facebook, Twitter). Use the same images, fonts, messages, and colors in every header.

Update Your Practice Description

Most channels provide an opportunity to describe your practice, just as you would provide a bio on a personal channel. Is it time to update your description? Have you changed your focus? Are you catering to a different demographic than when you first established your channels? Do you have new things to brag about, like awards, published works, etc?

Polish up your description, and then, as recommended above, make sure it is consistent across all channels as part of your branding.

Get Consistent in Your Posting

Has it been forever since you’ve tweeted? Do you tweet, but forget to post a similar message on Facebook? Are you publishing blog posts, but failing to promote them on your channels?

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