Managing employees goes far beyond workplace atmosphere. A good manager-employee relationship increases employee engagement, retention and ultimately, your business’s bottom line.

With salaried employees averaging only 4.2 years at a business, and half of hourly employees leaving new jobs in the first four months, employee engagement is critical.

Streamlined tools can help you manage employee feedback, benefits, payment tracking and time keeping. Putting employees first means they’ll do better work for your business and work for you longer.

Improve Performance Management

Inbound marketing software company HubSpot reports 69 percent of employees work harder when they are recognized by managers. Giving employees constructive feedback is crucial to help fix problems and increases employee engagement.

Disengaged employees are costly. They have 49 percent more accidents and make 60 percent more errors than engaged employees. Disengaged employees also have a 37 percent higher absentee rate, according to a 2015 report by Harvard Business Review.

A tool like the JuvodHR performance review app allows business owners and managers to fairly and accurately evaluate employees based on their job descriptions. Appropriate corrective action can be taken to improve negative employee situations, while easy documentation helps protect your business from false lawsuits by disgruntled employees.

While spontaneous feedback is essential to keeping employees motivated, regularly scheduled performance reviews give employees time to improve based on their last review and give them something tangible to work toward. Accurate feedback starts with a clear job description and specific expectations.

Compensate Employees Accurately and on Time

Nothing frustrates employees more than a late paycheck, a error regarding benefits or a lagging workers’ compensation payment. If there is a money mistake involved, you’re sure to get negative feedback about it.

Late and inaccurate payments waste time for employees and your human resources department, and they can damage a business’s reputation.

Keep your businesses reputation in tact and stay on the side of law by automating. You won’t miss payments and you’ll keep all your payments straight.

A full-service payroll service like Gusto makes it easy for your business to manage health insurance, workers’ compensation and 401k payments. Benefits integrate with payroll so they are all easily managed in one place, and compliance standards are automatically integrated.

Employee self-service login capabilities allow your employees to access their pay stubs, W-2 forms and other information when they need to, which increases confidence in the compensation your business offers.

Track Time to Protect Your Workers and Your Business

Using a manual process to schedule hourly employees is a costly disaster waiting to happen. Manual timekeeping processes that rely on physical timesheets or clock-punching are also hazardous for businesses, full of errors or easily lost or damaged.

With federal wage standards including the Fair Labor Standards Act Overtime pay provision to keep track of, a reliable system that automates processes ensures accurate payment for employees while protecting your business.

TSheets is timesheet software that retains all time stamp data to safeguard your business in case of an audit. This easy-to-use tool allows your payroll department to build and share schedules with employees, assign jobs and shifts, and keep your entire operation in sync.  Generate real-time reports of labor expenses from paid time off to overtime.

Not only will you stay in compliance with labor laws and administer accurate payments based on time worked, you can also use the app to optimize scheduling, maximize productivity and save your business money.

Keep your business agile and competitive. Today’s professionals expect efficiency and accuracy in business operations. Outdated methods used by managers simply decrease the sense of professionalism.