Using QBO Chrome Bookmarks has been a fan favorite feature of users for years. Sadly, many QBO users are finding that their favorite shortcut trick (bookmarks) are broken. Instead of clicking the saved link to a favorite page and seeing the requested screen many users are getting errors.

So, what the heck happened?

QuickBooks Online has updated their URL format. The cluster server reference number is now located at before the QBO page. Previously, we could click on our beloved bookmarks and were able to call up a page. The results of the new URL update means, now when we click on the bookmarks, we get an error unless, we are working within the particular cluster the bookmark recognizes. For many bookkeepers and accountants, we have clients located within many clusters and now our bookmarks are all broken.

Here’s the Fix!

Go to the page you want to bookmark and save it like normal. Next you will need to edit the bookmark to remove the cluster server reference number from the URL.

Step-1: Open the page to bookmark.

Step-2: Click the Star within the Chrome browser search.Expand


Step 3: Choose where on your bookmark bar you want to save the new bookmark (you can even create a folder structure on the bookmark bar).Expand


Step 4: Right click the saved bookmark to open and edit it, remove the cluster (C##) as shown below.Expand


Step 5: Save and Close.

It’s really that easy!

With this little edit all our bookmarks can be used again!

It’s a good idea to check with your client’s too so that you can verify their bookmarks are still working. Client’s who have multiple companies many need to have you show them this trick so they can have their bookmark shortcuts back.

I must thank my fellow Intuit Road Show Trainers as the source for this article ‘tip’. While working together recently we were commiserating about broken bookmarks and shared with each other the solution that I have now shared with you, so please “pass it on.”

Are Your QBO Chrome Bookmarks Broken? originally appeared in InsightfulAccountant.