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My name is Alex Gusman. I’m a solution engineer at ApprovalMax. ApprovalMax is an all-in-one tool to make your accounts payable process much more streamlined and unified. Basically, if I’ll put it in a simple words, ApprovalMax allows you to create a workflow of as many approval steps as you want to and assign specific rules to your.

So they will be able to approve their bills, purchase orders, expenses, and so on. So it’s actually a great way for partners to share responsibility with their customers. With Accountancy, bookkeeping firms can share responsibility with the customers of, approving their financial documents because typically what happens when you receive a bill, you send it via email to someone from the team, and you just, hopefully someone will respond to you by the end of the month.

You start chasing around all of your approvals, trying to get as many approvals as possible. ApprovalMax allows you to actually streamline this process, so everything will be approved within a couple of minutes or maybe hours rather than days or weeks. We’ve integrated QuickBooks Online with Xero and Oracle NetSuite.

I actually have a story for that. We had a partner about a year ago from South Africa. It’s about 400 people who are managing different farms across the continent. Typically, it took them about a week to approve a single. Once they’ve implemented an approval workflow, they’ve added all of their 400 people into this workflow.

They’ve made a very, very complex workflow and it’s reduced the time for approving a single invoice from a week to just two, three days. So it might be up to 80% of the time. Same goes for the cost of approving an invoice.

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