Here are a few updates on some of the apps that have recently made enhancements to their products. I don’t always get the opportunity to keep you aware of announcements that various app developers send me, but every once in a while, a few of the more noteworthy ones catch my eye.


This major construction application recently gave its users the ability to create Purchase Order Reports for Approved change orders and client selections within the product’s financial reporting functionality. These additions continue to add depth to the reporting resources available to construction pros who choose ConstructionOnline™.

Selection Purchase Order Reports enable ConstructionOnline™ users to create purchase orders for vendors directly from Approved selection choices. These reports can be widely customized to include Delivery Date, Tax Rate, Selection Notes, Approved selection choice item information, etc. 

Change Order PO Reports let users create purchase orders for vendors from Approved Change Orders. The reports may be fully customized to include Delivery Date, Tax Rate, Change Order Description, Approved Change Order Item information, and more. 

More than 850,000 construction pros worldwide trust ConstructionOnline™ to help run jobs more efficiently, get accurate financials, increase profits and reduce risks.

For more information, visit the ConstructionOnline™ website.

ConstructionOnline™ has specific system requirements, making certain you understand those requirements and all obligations under their licensing agreement(s) prior to making any software acquisition decision.

CData Connect Cloud

One of my favorite data tools is CData. Earlier this year, it released the CData Connect Cloud, a modern platform providing Data-connectivity-as-a-service (DCAAS).

This platform gives you access to data connectivity using CData Drivers and Connectors without having to acquire each driver or connector individually since they are all available on the platform. You simply subscribe to the platform. A variety of subscription rates are available depending on the number of users and connections you require.

The CData Our team constantly is working to update this new platform to add connectivity to additional data sources with more than 125 out-of-the-box connectors. It also is striving to improve the user experience based on customer feedback.

Recently, it added several new data exploration and security features to improve on-boarding, provide users with customizable views into their data and give IT administrators additional controls over users accessing data on the platform.

  • The modernized on-boarding experience gives users more information about Connect Cloud right from the start through an improved look and feel.
  • CData Drivers and Connectors have long included the ability to generate service-specific custom reports, like getting the expenses by vendor from your QuickBooks Online account. Those features now are available in CData’s Connect Cloud platform.
  • Another great enhancement is the user-based permissions enabled at the connection level for each service. Now, IT administrators can configure CData Connect Cloud to customize data access for each connection based on the user connecting by enabling User Defined Credentials.

For more information about the CData Connect Cloud, or to try it for free, visit its website.

Always review the software-as-a-service license agreement before entering into any SAAS (or similar) agreement.

Snagit 2023

Snagit has gone virtual. Snagit, the screen capture we all know and love, is now more than just screen capture.

The newest version is offering a way for you to empower your team to collaborate without having to suffer meeting fatigue… “Oh my gosh, no more three hour long Friday morning editorial meetings at 7 a.m.”

It allows you to keep your captures more easily organized and accessible, from multiple devices. In addition, it allows you to share information with a single click with the apps you already use in the rest of your daily work. No more cut and paste to Metro Publishing—that’s wishful thinking.

The share link is designed to improve your overall workflow by instantly creating shareable links or viewing so you can provide access to shared history you capture. 

Its new screen draw gives you customizable arrows, squares, step numbers all as a part of screen recording (not after thoughts) to allow you to visually emphasize key information as you capture it (and share it).

And with Snagit + Screencast, you can start a conversation and allow viewers to add feedback virtually to the captures you share with free content-hosting via Screencast. 

If you are a Snagit user, you’ll definitely want to check out Snagit 2023 because there is special upgrade pricing that even includes maintenance. You can find out more HERE.

I’m certain you will want to “snagit” the opportunity to make the leap to their new virtual offering.

Snagit 2023 has specific system requirements, make certain you understand those requirements and other obligations under their licensing agreement prior to making any purchase decision.

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