I just sat down for supper when I received a ProAdvisor Alert email (shown below) saying, “Your QuickBooks Online Certification has expired. Thank you for being a QuickBooks ProAdvisor… but your Certification expired on June 30, 2023.  As a result you are being removed from the Find-A-ProAdvisor directory and any ProAdvisor benefits.”

There is just one problem with this: I opened my QBO-Accountant, ProAdvisor Certification page and there was a big “You passed the examination and earned 100 points” banner (shown below) with the “Download Certificate” button. 

Actually, I had already downloaded my certificate (shown below) on June 28—the day I passed the recertification exam.

So my questions are:

1) How are such mistakes even possible? How can notifications go out to ProAdvisors who take and pass the recertification exam before the deadline, with the record of their new certification is in their ProAdvisor profile, but the two things cannot be coordinated to prevent erroneous notices and wasted time trying to resolve the matter?

ANSWER: After waiting two hours for a return call from ProAdvisor Support, I was advised that the email was “mass distributed” to the ProAdvisor community in error—not just to ProAdvisors who had failed to get recertified.

2) Why, if you are going to send out notices like this, do you not anticipate a rash of phone calls and assign extra personnel to the ProAdvisor Hotline? You should probably realize that at least 50% of the people you send notices to call in even when the notices are accurate.

ANSWER: Because the email was sent to everyone, there was such a rush to the phones that even when I called and the automated attendant said it would be approximately 30 minutes to get a returned call (rather than wait on line), it took two hours to get my call. But I must say that “Julie” with QuickBooks support knew exactly what the situation was, and was clear and concise about the email error. 

3) And just “how many of you”, our readers, received the same erroneous notices?

ANSWER: Probably all of you. And now we know why. One “important” thing to note here, make certain you have your “certificates” available, because Julie (with support) also advised me that if anyone has a problem, they need to have their certificate to get it straightened out. 

Hopefully, no ProAdvisor with a valid certificate will have a problem.

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