Class tracking feature is only available in  QuickBooks Online Plus version. It is not available in Essentials and Simple Start versions.

To Turn ON Class Tracking feature in QuickBooks Online:

  1. Click on the  Gear icon > Company Settings (or Account and Settings depending on what you see).

2. Click on Company (or Advanced if you entered this menu through Account and Settings) from the left menu bar.

3.  In the Categories section, click on the Edit icon

4. Place a check in the box for the classes to turn classes on.

A, Check this box if you want to be reminder if a class has not been assigned. Recommended

B. Click drop down arrow. Select whether you want one class for whole transaction or a class for each item in a transaction.

Click Save

Awesome. You have turned on class tracking. But where is the classes menu for creating, editing and deleting your classes?

Click Here  Where is the Classes Menu?