Every so often, Insightful Accountant features a partner program offered by a particular software or app developer in our Advisor Alliance series.

Advisor Alliance was developed to make you aware of opportunities with developers so you could potentially gain business, improve your business expertise as it relates to their product and, consequently, earn more money through an enhanced working relationship with the developer.  

You probably are aware that Insightful Accountant has placed an enhanced emphasis on third-party apps and software as part of the Top 100 ProAdvisor Program with categories that center upon these products, including the QBO-Appology and QBD-Integrations awards.

One reason for this is the increased number of ProAdvisors reporting an expanding portion of their practices centered on apps or software that enhance the core accounting technologies.

And because we measure your app experiences for Top 100 on not only the basis of referrals (or sales) of an app, but on whether you are “certified” through developer training and “authorized to implement” the app by the developer, it only makes sense we’d do our best to help expand the relationships we measure as part of the Top 100 awards process.

Therefore, Insightful Accountant will continue to make you familiar with partner programs that not only benefit you and your clients by virtue of new or better products, but that also can enhance your scoring potential for the Top 100 awards.

I also know many of you almost always respond positively to articles where I introduce a new partner program. That said, I will continue to do my best to present partner offerings that not only reflect the details of these alliances, but provide examples of what the alliance options and offerings can mean for you and your clients.

Three weeks ago, I published a “Warehouse Wednesday” edition that covered Finale Inventory, a cloud-based, versatile inventory solution that operates and supports multiple selling channels and warehouses.

Because many of you support clients who are rapidly growing beyond the simple products and services features of QuickBooks Online. And, because many of those clients are headed down the path of needing an integrated inventory solution that can run their operations in less time with fewer errors, while at the same time improving their inventory accuracy and lowering costs.

I want to put you on the path toward successfully meeting the requirements of those clients by also introducing you to the Finale Inventory partner program.

While many of you may already support an inventory app that says it was built for QBO, no single solution can meet the needs of every QuickBooks client. That’s why you as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor need to be prepared to offer alternatives to the old faithful.

The Finale Inventory Partner Program is a great way to offer an alternative inventory solution that potentially can meet the needs of an ever-increasing number of QuickBooks customers. It also can expand your scope of business by improving your overall capabilities and appeal as a ProAdvisor and help you reach markets that can expand your practice.

Because Finale Inventory is not just an inventory solution, but an ecommerce solution, partnering with Finale will set you on a path opening new horizons you may have only dreamed of going after.

More businesses are expanding via one or more ecommerce channels, and Finale is set up not just to hand any one of them, but provides multi-ecommerce channel capabilities.

And unlike some inventory solutions, Finale provides an app that has bi-directional syncing with QuickBooks, your customers aren’t trapped into a solution that only lets data flow in a singular direction. That mentality also is a key to its Partner Program.

The relationship that exists between Finale and their QuickBooks Partner Program members is just as profitable a two-way sync as its data-flow with QuickBooks. You will not be turning over your customers to Finale by referring them into their app; they will assist you in fully integrating the Finale inventory, warehouse management and ecommerce capabilities with your clients. 

In addition to offering Partners a 15% commission for the first year on qualified referrals, Finale will work to build their relationship with you, to truly make you its partner.

One way Finale does this is by providing extensive a training for its Partners as it does for its own internal support personnel. It will provide you with the best training and support to not only ensure you are well-versed in Finale, but successful with your Finale implementations.

And because Finale is vested in your success as a Partner, it also will frame you in the best light with customers who come directly to them in need of the guidance and expertise of a QuickBooks ProAdvisor. This means it will include you in its marketing opportunities via blogs, success stories, co-hosted webinars, and more.

As you can see, the Partner Program offered by Finale Inventory cannot only give you an inventory, ecommerce and warehouse management solution you can offer your clients, but also provide a tremendous opportunity for additional revenues to help you grow your business.

As with the Finale Inventory software itself, if this all sounds too good to be true, just check out their Partner Program details HERE

Or if you are ready to jump onboard and join their Partner Program just click HERE.

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