We told you last December in one of our articles regarding “QuickBooks Connect” that Intuit was in the process of doing some work to allow QuickBooks users to track all of their employee documents right inside of QuickBooks Payroll. 

Providing storage and access to critical employee and human resource documents for your employees can be both difficult and complex. That’s because you must have them in a secure place, with controlled access so that those who need access can have it, while those who shouldn’t be sticking their noses into these records are prohibited from doing so. 

One QuickBooks team set out to help users manage their employee data within the confines of QuickBooks Payroll, and provide the security and control needed to provide appropriate access. The new feature allows users to securely store and manage employee and HR records from within the employee’s profile.

You can access this new feature by:

  • Logging into QuickBooks Online Payroll
  • Selecting the Employee for whom you wish to upload documentation
  • Choosing Documents
  • Selecting Add documents
  • Then uploading the employee documentation from either the device you are using or from a mobile device

It’s that simple.

Now you will know exactly where critical employee documentation is stored and how to get to it. And your documents are just as secure as the controlled access permissions you establish for payroll and employee profiles.

Plus, you can even categorize these documents using folders to keep them organized.

Thanks QBO Payroll team for making employee document management a reality within Online Payroll.

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