If you have multiple open bills with one vendor, here’s the best way to pay them all at once!

Let’s say you entered two bills for the vendor Pellican Design:

      Create (+) > Bill > August 14: $235.19

     Create (+) > Bill > August 18: $182.43

To save time, you can make one payment that applies to both bills.

Here’s how.

   Click Create (+) > Expense

   1 . Enter the payee. Choose a payment account

   2 . Bills that are open for this vendor appear on the right.

  Click Add all to add both bills. (Notice the page title changes from Expense to Bill Payment at this point.)

  Click Save.

 Don’t know where Create (+) is? Here’s the basics on getting around . If you choose a checking account, the page will show options to print a check now (Print check link at the bottom of the page) […]