Intuit QuickBooks is constantly innovating within its platform to ensure it is delivering the best experiences for its accountant partners and their small business clients.

Recently, it unveiled new commerce accounting capabilities to QuickBooks Online, automating accounting across Amazon, Shopify and eBay e-commerce stores.

Based on a recent survey of product-based businesses using QuickBooks Online, we found that more than three-quarters (78%) felt recording payouts from sales channels to automatically match bank deposits was a must-have.

This inspired QuickBooks to create a single connection hub to the most popular e-commerce platforms. Key features of the new commerce accounting capabilities now available include:

  • Connect once and seamlessly import data to QuickBooks — QuickBooks now links to Amazon, Shopify and eBay marketplaces with a simple setup to automatically import sales and payouts, then map them right to the accounts. Once connected, QuickBooks keeps books up to date.
  • Smart matching — Now, revenue, taxes and fees across sales channels are automatically broken down and payments are mapped out with the bank deposits.
  • See trends at a glance — Key insights into sales, revenue, and top-selling products are provided. Additionally, users can run detailed reports on business performance across sales channels, providing valuable insights to guide inventory management, marketing, and sales strategies.

Make tax time easier — The stress of doing taxes is decreased, thanks to detailed financial breakdowns that are automated to maximize deductions.

Depending on a business’s subscription, users have the ability to connect either single or multiple e-commerce stores within QuickBooks at no additional cost.

This includes:

  • Simple Start—single e-commerce store
  • Essential—up to three e-commerce stores
  • Plus—unlimited e-commerce stores
  • Advanced—unlimited e-commerce stores

Commerce capabilities are now available to all new and existing QuickBooks customers. To learn more about these new capabilities, CLICK HERE.

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