Stacy Kildal loved going to conferences to help grow her Bookkeeping practice, Kildal Services LLC, but she saw a glaring problem. All that was talked about was “marketing, marketing, marketing.”

Stacy knew the importance of landing the best bookkeeping clients, but what about AFTER you got all those clients? It was then, Stacy realized she could expand her influence, her reach, and her practice to help other bookkeepers with their on-boarding and workflow.

“Once the client comes, I can show you how to knock it out of the park.”

landing the best bookkeeping clients
Since she’s extended her empire beyond just bookkeeping, her business has grown fast. She’s added group Quickbooks training, a massive vault of content for everyday workflow, a podcast, speaking engagements and more.

She’s been recognized as “Top 100 Influential Person in Accounting” as well as a two-time “40 Under 40” Winner by CPA Practice Advisor.

In this interview with David Cristello, Stacy dives deep into:

How she got her first clients when she started (and you can too)
Her unique way of on-boarding new clients to make sure they are the right fit
How you can have a business partner WITHOUT giving up equity or control


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