Last November, for the first time, in the second part of my “Preparing for Top 100 –Training” series, I provided a list of sessions from “Scaling New Heights 2022” that would have specific credits toward Top 100 (reported in a participant’s formal application) for the QBO and QBD Award Categories.

There was only one problem and two minor flaws with that article. First, it came well after the conference, so you had to have already attended or hadn’t attended any of those sessions. I realized recently that you need the same kind of information before a conference so you can pick and choose sessions based on Top 100 credit-earning potential if you intend to participate in the next Top 100 Awards process.

From a minor flaw standpoint, I also realized it might be beneficial not just to know which sessions would earn you credits, but how many credits and what specific award categories those credits would impact. 

My intent is to rectify those deficiencies by giving you the following list of sessions I have reviewed (based upon the course descriptions) for “Scaling New Heights 2023” and how they can impact your awards standing with respect to the training components of each applicable award category.

Remember, you are always trying to achieve the highest ranking in one or more of the awards categories because only the highest ranking individuals on a category-by-category basis achieve standing as members of the Top 100 ProAdvisors or the Up-n-coming ProAdvisor Awards.

I also would like to remind everyone that not all sessions/classes at any conference are eligible for Top 100 training-related credits because some sessions/classes cannot be tied directly to one or more of the Top 100 Award Categories.

Footnotes & Disclosures

* – for purposes of brevity, some session/class titles may have been shortened or altered slightly from longer titles reflected in the SNH 2023 session guide.

Some sessions may qualify for training credits in other Award Categories than those listed above, in some cases the list had to be shortened due to restriction in graphic sizing. For example, all sessions/classes listed with eligible credits for Top 100 also apply to the Up-n-coming ProAdvisor Awards (free-standing categorical list).

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