Once your business hits revenues of $1 million or above you’ll likely start to feel a different kind of growing pain (or is it more like labor pains?).

You might wonder if outsourcing your accounting could ease that pain (or at least stop the contractions), allowing you more time to focus on the core of your business once again.

Take the following quiz to determine if 2017 is the year for your business to take the plunge into outsourced accounting services.

  •   My QuickBooks accounting system has no, or very little, automation and integration with business process technology (bill payment, time tracking, payroll, expense management, billing and collections.)
  •   My weekly and monthly financial reports are inaccurate or late.
  •   My bookkeeper doesn’t understand, or follow, accounting best practices and procedures.
  •   My employees find it difficult to stick to a budget or properly forecast revenues and expenses.
  •   I am worried about internal accounting control, especially fraud.
  •   My business has been experiencing employee turnover in the accounting department.
  •   My business is ready to scale in the New Year, and I need help managing the pace.

If you’ve checked even one of these boxes, you could have [,,,]

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