Have you scrambled to collect your contractors’ tax info in January, or rushed to print, label and mail 1099s before the IRS deadline? Now, QuickBooks® has your back with new features to save you time this tax season.

Fast Contractor Self-Setup

Be ready for tax time by inviting contractors to add their own tax info. When you invite contractors to self-setup through QuickBooks, we protect their data and add it to their profile for you.

  • You request contractors’ tax info with a click.
  • Your contractors receive a link to a QuickBooks portal where they can submit their tax info.
  • We’ll add the data to their contractor profile for you and notify you when it’s done.

Sign in to QuickBooks to request contractors tax info now.

Hassle-Free 1099 E-Delivery

No more spending time and money printing and mailing 1099s. When you e-file through QuickBooks (fees apply*), we’ll take care of the filing and delivery.

  • You prepare and submit your 1099s in QuickBooks.
  • We e-file them with the IRS for you.
  • New! We’ll deliver online and printed copies to your contractors for no extra charge.
  • We’ll also send your contractors a link to a QuickBooks portal where they can access their 1099 any time.

Sign in to QuickBooks to prepare 1099s now.

* E-file rates:
  • $14.99 for first 3 forms bundle
  • $3.99 for each form after that up to 20 forms
  • $0 for forms +21


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