Are you new to QuickBooks® Online ? Welcome! I’m often asked by accountants and bookkeepers what they should do to start getting familiar with the product and be ready to work with clients. To help, I’ve pulled together 10 key steps to getting comfortable in your client’s QuickBooks Online company.

1. Learn the Layout

QuickBooks Online is designed to be accessible across multiple devices and operating systems. Because of this distinction, the layout is closer to an app you’d use on a smartphone or tablet than traditional desktop software. If you have been using desktop software, this can take a little getting used to, but you’ll be a pro in no time!

Dashboard : When you open a client’s company, the home page will show you an interactive overview of Sales, Expenses, Profit and Loss, and Bank Accounts. Left Navigation : The various “centers” of QuickBooks are accessed from this panel. You click into each to work with the associated functions and lists. For example, in Sales, you can access All Sales, Invoices, Customers, and Products and Services by clicking the tabs along the top.

Note: Use the Hamburger icon (yes, that’s the real name, even outside of QuickBooks!) to collapse and expand the Left Navigation to give yourself more space to work. Gear : Settings, Lists, Tools, and more live under this menu. Note: When a small gear shows in the upper corner of a list/table/transaction/report, you’ll find options there to configure the settings.

Create (+): All the […]